In this contemporary era, the protection of the environment and its varied species play a predominant role. In today’s business environment, pollution is directly related to economic progress and development because pollution takes place after the implementation of progressive policies within the country. While different measures help business organizations to control pollution and protect environmental activities, human overconsumption has led to its failure.

Pollution is typically a by-product of economic growth; economic growth is on the back of industrialization. With economic growth, consumption levels of individuals increase, which is accompanied by an increase in per capita carbon footprints. In developing…

From stand-up comedies to being discussed at those long-awaited college reunions, an Engineer’s life is more a conversation starter than any other topic about college life. Well, before we begin, these are coming from a first year Engineer herself. A year back I was at a divergence where I had to choose the right path that would lead me to a good career.

1. Choosing my Branch and College rationally

Right after my Entrance Exam I had to choose my college and branch which was a big hurdle. People around me did give a lot of advices but it was…

Sanjana M S

Engineering Student

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